my work VEGAS trip

Well my work trip to Vegas was a BLAST. It was for MPI member (meeting planner international) and they wined and dined us. It was so great! The opening reception they had was at Ceasers Palace, they said it was a $2 million to put it on. It was just so amazing to attend something like that, to be wined and dined. And the best part of the convention, besides all the networking and classes, was of course the FREE drinks. In the meeting planning and hospitality industry, you do most everything over drinks, so all week the drinks were free. You can't beat that. It was all at the Mandalay Bay, with the exception of 1 or 2 events.

I had never been to the Mandalay Bay, it is HUGE... The pic below is the view from my room. The "beach" and all the pools. It was GREAT. The House of Blues is at that hotel and they had a party there for us with an 80's band that played all night long and OF COURSE free drinks. I seriously had so much fun! Everyone is so out going ( you have to be in our industry) and we all just partied it up.
After days at the tradeshow and some classes, they had the closing night reception, and as I mentioned in an earlier post, STYX was the entertainment. The closing reception was at the "beach" they closed the whole pool for our party, the convention attendance was 5,000 people, the biggest yet and it was packed. These beauties were there to greet us at the gate to the closing reception... Ummm, crazy! The one in the middle is my co-worker Blake. We were both 1st timers to the convention, we had the best time! His goal was to see how many ribbons he could attach to his badge, I think by the end of the night he had like 15 of them it was great.

Then the party started and the band played. I was front and center to rock out to STYX. They rocked it like it was 1980! The hair, clothes and all!
I new most of the song and jammed out and danced the whole time. I was able to catch a guitar pick for Gar and a bag they were throwing out. It was great, I did have to fight a big girl for the pick, was it was worth it! Gar used the STYX pick at his gig! The biggest hit hey played was "Come Sail Away", LOVE that song!
These are my Hilton girls. We all worked together when I was at the Hilton. It was a blast to be there all together, we went and bought matching rocker Vegas tanks and wore them to the reception, it was a hit!

I do loves me some Vegas and had my fill of it this summer. I didn't win big when i was there, i lost $40.00 in about 2 seconds on the craps table, but that's the fun of Vegas!!!