13.1 - What a blast!

Well, I survived the half marathon. And I must say that I enjoyed it. It was tough and kicked my butt! Other than waiting 10 minutes for the disgusting port-a-pottie and that adding at least 10 minutes to my time, I finished in the time that I was aiming for. So all in all, it was a great morning. Here is me and Nat crossing the finish line, she finished before me, but came and ran the last bit and crossed the finish line with me, it was fun. We sprinted the last 30 feet, it was a blast.

This is one that the SLC Marathon people took, this was at like mile 11 or so running down State Street... Running fro 9th South to South Temple was tough... the hardest part of the run it's mile 11 and 12.

Here are the girls that ran, Ang, Nat, my co-worker Anna, my cuz Maria and me. My dad and Denise came and got us all flowers, it was so great to have everyone there supporting us! THANKS Seth and Aaron and Blake for coming to support me too! I loved seeing you as I ran up to the finish line!
Here are the sisters, I'm still trying to get Beck to commit to doing the Moab Half next year. That is the one that me Nat and Ang want to do.
It was such a great experience and so glad I did it. Next year the goal is to do it with out stopping. Just running straight through the 13.1 miles.



An addendum to the finish line time:

For those of you that feel so inclined to greet me at the finish line, I was mistaken by the time. The race starts at 7:00am so will be crossing the line around 9:30am-ish (or later if it really kicks my booty). So be there by 9:15am-ish.

This has been a public service announcement...


4.18.2009 - A day to go down in history!

Well, I did it. I done gone signed myself up to run/walk/crawl/cry the Salt Lake Half Marathon. A blessed, beautiful 13.1 miles. Not sure how I got suckered into this one - man peer pressure is not a good color on me, I give in way to easily.

Actually, I'm excited to do it and I am doing for me. To see if I can actually finish something that is hard. I have wanted to give up about 15 times a week since the end of January when I dedicated myself to this. But, all in all, I am really proud of myself... Let me preface why I'm so proud- I hate running - I'm generally a very lazy person by nature and at all possible times, I will find a seat and sit down and not do a thing. So what better way to get back at my lazy arse in shape and run a measly 13.1 miles.

It has been a trial, I'm not anywhere near where I really wanted to be by this date, but nonetheless, I ran (with a couple of walks in there) 10 miles last Saturday and it didn't kill me and I have managed to drop 15 lbs. I may keep this exercising thing going. And maybe next year, I may do it again with the goal of not stopping at all - a constant running pace the entire time, we will see about that...

This year, as I crawl over the finish line in just a hair under 12 hours, I will be so proud that I finished. If you feel the urge to come and pull my dying body over the finish line and cheer me on, it is Saturday 4.18.09 at the Gateway. I'm hoping to cross the finish line in about 2 and a half hours, so be at the Gateway Mall no later than 10:15am!!

My sisters Nat & Ang, and coworker Anna, and my cuz Maria will all be running! GOOD TIMES and GO OMERS!!