Bike Ride for Primary Children's Hospital

Well my oldest friend Travis invited us to go on a ride for a Toy Drive for Utah Primary Children's Hospital, all these hard core bikers collect toys and bring them to the sick children it is a very incredible event, so we went for a ride!

It started at Murray Park and there were over 200 bikes and bikers there, it was hosted by the U.M.F Motorcycle Club and they were really scary -slash- cool. Santa was there!

Here are our bikes..my Honda Shadow Ace 750cc and Travis's Big Dog Mastiff 1800 cc.

Me and Stef getting ready to take off.


Travis and his fiance' Tracie

Rollin' Hard!

Look at all the bikes..they go all the way up the street!!

and around the bend...Just around the river beeeennnndddd!!!

Parking was insane at the hospital..but so cool to see the kids faces looking at all the bikes!!

Even little doggies got in to the spirit...I wonder if Tob's would like a ride!
It was a great experience..we blew through the lights, didn't stop..I mean who is going to stop over 200 motorcycle riders..it was quite fun, I am sure we will do it again soon.


State Fair

Well it is that time again to go to the fair! Stef and I had some friends meet us at the house and have a couple adult beverages before walking over to the fair grounds (we only live a few blocks from the most magical place on earth)

Seth, Aaron, Jason, Stef, Elledge (not pictured), Angie (taking the picture) and myself went and ate greasy food, looked at the human zoo, drank a lot of beer, saw some crappy art (and one good piece ALLY SWEENEY 3rd place in oils!!!)

Then to top off the night they have a SIDE SHOW (But it is really a FREAK SHOW) I went in last year and it was TO MUCH!! But the gang went through (me and Elledge sat outside and looked at the crazy posters they had to show their freaks!) and came out thinking it was so cool..eww no!



Labor Day Weekend

Well it was a beautiful sunny Labor Day weekend..and we did so much, but yet we chilled out a lot also? Awesome huh....we started it off with a movie....

Extract..Mike Judge's new flick, we love Jason Bateman and so this was fun to go watch...and it was a good film...that stupid Ben Who-fleck was in it, but even he didn't make me want to lose my delicious movie popcorn.
Then I went to work on the garage while Stef did her million shows..I ripped down the million year old wood and re-edged and sanded the the garage...then puttied and painted that bad boy!

Turned out nice, fit the feel of the house..and it looks so good, my garage project is almost done!!

Next was Inglorious Bastards..this w a s really good film, we loved it so much. Oh course it was Brad Pitt so Stef was totally happy..and I get to see the Tarantino standoffs I have loved since Resevoir Dogs....Good film go see it.

Then on labor day we chillllled man...I got up early and set up my painting supplies out back and did some painting. Stef got me with my mouth agape..nice sweetie.

This was the final product..not a complete painting, but a nice way to get back into the painting mode.... go ahead a and check my art blog for the rest of the creative art that I had my fellow artists do that morning also..http://www.garricksart.blogspot.com/