Labor Day Weekend

Well it was a beautiful sunny Labor Day weekend..and we did so much, but yet we chilled out a lot also? Awesome huh....we started it off with a movie....

Extract..Mike Judge's new flick, we love Jason Bateman and so this was fun to go watch...and it was a good film...that stupid Ben Who-fleck was in it, but even he didn't make me want to lose my delicious movie popcorn.
Then I went to work on the garage while Stef did her million shows..I ripped down the million year old wood and re-edged and sanded the the garage...then puttied and painted that bad boy!

Turned out nice, fit the feel of the house..and it looks so good, my garage project is almost done!!

Next was Inglorious Bastards..this w a s really good film, we loved it so much. Oh course it was Brad Pitt so Stef was totally happy..and I get to see the Tarantino standoffs I have loved since Resevoir Dogs....Good film go see it.

Then on labor day we chillllled man...I got up early and set up my painting supplies out back and did some painting. Stef got me with my mouth agape..nice sweetie.

This was the final product..not a complete painting, but a nice way to get back into the painting mode.... go ahead a and check my art blog for the rest of the creative art that I had my fellow artists do that morning also..http://www.garricksart.blogspot.com/


Deb said...

beautiful Garr