State Fair

Well it is that time again to go to the fair! Stef and I had some friends meet us at the house and have a couple adult beverages before walking over to the fair grounds (we only live a few blocks from the most magical place on earth)

Seth, Aaron, Jason, Stef, Elledge (not pictured), Angie (taking the picture) and myself went and ate greasy food, looked at the human zoo, drank a lot of beer, saw some crappy art (and one good piece ALLY SWEENEY 3rd place in oils!!!)

Then to top off the night they have a SIDE SHOW (But it is really a FREAK SHOW) I went in last year and it was TO MUCH!! But the gang went through (me and Elledge sat outside and looked at the crazy posters they had to show their freaks!) and came out thinking it was so cool..eww no!



Deb said...

Love the fair! Glad to hear you went. Roger & I got to go to the LA County Fair and there we went to the horse races. We won some money on a couple of races. It was fun!