We had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! Food, family and fun! This is one of my favorite holidays and Gars fav...

To begin, Aurora came into town for the week, not only to celebrate T-day, but also to get her wisdom teeth out.
She did so good. They knocked her out, Gar and I were there to watch that part. It was quite comical... Then they pulled them out and that was that. That all happened on Monday, and by Thanksgiving she was ready to eat a full meal!

Thanksgiving Day came and we had the whole fam over at Becks. It was a nice time. The food was delicious and Beck made her famous pumpkin cheesecake. We had a wonderful time.
After gorging ourselves, we hung out, sang around the piano and watched the kids play. This is Batman/Benjamin... love that he is without pants! What a great photo op!
Dad and D went home Friday morning and us sisters had a fun night out at the Jazz game. We got back stage passes and got to meet them and shake the teams hands. I even rubbed shoulders with my boyfriend Matt Harpring.
We finally got a fam pix of me, Gar and Bubba. She is so beautiful!
What a cute little fam are we!
I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. Only 28 more days until Christmas... Hope your saving up to get me a good gift!!



So I went golfing for the first time at a client event for work back in September at the Homestead up by Heber.
I had a blast. Before this event I had hit a bucket of balls once, about 10 years ago. So needless to say, I am a horrible golfer, as is Britt. So, Britt and I took a quick lesson the day before, which I'm SO glad we did. It actually helped out a ton. We didn't suck... too much (that's what she said, HA HA). Fran (the one in the middle) is a great golfer so compared to us she was Tiger Woods. We had a blast, had a little Baileys with our coffee and I rammed Fran a couple of times with the cart. Good times!


Moab, Music, Magic, and Football...

So it's been a while since my last entry. A lot has happened... Let's see...

Moab: We went, had a wonderful trip/meeting and now were back! It was a great trip. Nice, relaxing and some great team bonding for work. We stayed at the Red Cliffs Lodge. It was soo beautiful. The pic below is the view from the restaurant that is in the lobby. We could not have asked for better weather, it was warm enough that we didn't need coats. That is the Colorado river.
It is not like a normal hotel these are their rooms and then they have cabins. (The boss got a cabin so we could party it up). The rooms are great and the back door is right at the river. At night, Garr and I would sit out on the back patio of our room and look at the stars, it was amazing how many you could see. Just perfect!

We got there Thursday evening, checked in and met in town for dinner with everyone. I ate entirely TOO much! Then we had a little party with some of us and then hit the hay. We got up Friday, at some breakfast and the had our meeting. It was good and had some fun team building activities where I learned that I am bossy... that is according to one of my co-workers...
Then it was time for the big team building activity... You can tell from the pic below, but we are on the back of the HUMMER getting ready to go 4-wheeling! This is me, Britt and Scott...
Here are our 2 hummers. We had such a blast. I have not done anything like that before, SMF! The ride was a little over 2 hours, of course before we started, we had to stop off for some adult beverages to take along for the ride... (I love my work). We did all different kinds of tricks with the hummers, some of which were pretty scary. I did scream a lot. We went up this super steep hill backwards... Our driver was totally laughing at us. He would just tell us to hang on to our drinks...
I wish the pix really told how crazy this was. It was SO freaky... this is us... just hanging out. Good times... We stopped in a couple of place to soak up the beauty of Moab. I forget how beautiful it is. I have been there a couple of times, but the beauty never gets old.

While we doing our "work" stuff, Gar took the car and drove through Arches National Park. He had a great time. Time to himself and relax and not think about anything. We needed this little retreat!

Since we have been back, it is nose to the grind stone just working and rehearsal. The show is going good and I can't wait to open. It will be a great show.

Ang called and gave Gar and I tickets to the Utah Symphonies, Music and Magic. The music was so beautiful, there is nothing like listening to live classical music. Then they had a magician come out and amaze us with her magic. She was really something. I have never been to a live magic show and I just loved it. I love that she had a hot male assistant. That was great too.
Ang and Beck brought the kiddies and they had a ball. They couldn't believe all the tricks that the magician did. It was fun to be there with them. The are all so dang good looking. Must run in the fam!
I told Nat I'd post this great pic of Jacob in his football uni. We went to his last game of the season, I think I mentioned that in an earlier post, but here he is... All growed up!


And their off...

We are off today for a little Moab get-a-way... Well, it's actually a marketing retreat for my work, but, nonetheless, Garr and I will be AWAY! It should be alot of fun. We may even do a little horseback riding!