Happy Halloween!

Every year at Halloween there is a little competition between departments at the hotel. Accounting always wins. It can get pretty annoying. We, the sales department, never can get it together enough to win. This year we made a decision we were going to kick accounting's booty... So I thought of the best idea... We have one African American guy in the office, T-Bone, and when throwing around ideas, I thought of doing "Thriller". T-Bone would be Michael Jackson and the rest of sales team would be the zombies.
Well the team pulled it together and everyone one of us dressed up. We went all out. The pic above is the team. Don't we look pretty sweet... Michael Jackson is HOT... We had a team member Halloween rally (or a pep-rally) and that is where the costume contest would take place. T-Bone waited until the last minute to put on his costume, as to not spoil it...

We decided to take it up a notch and not only have fantastic costumes, we wanted to do the "Thriller" dance. We practiced a little ditty and then at the beginning of the rally, they played "Thriller", and we all walked up like zombies and did our little dance. Needless to say, we won. Finally, after 4 years of competing with accounting, we blew them out of the water!!!

The pic below is our HR team. They were our competition this year, but we took it! I guess Halloween is pretty big around the hotel.

Gar's office was at the other end of the spectrum. They opted not to do the death theme and go with the comedy theme...

Gar was Jim. Don't you love his "Jim look" he has it down. I love that Michael has the wrapped foot from burning it on the George Foreman Grill... HA HA HA!! The guy playing Ryan looks just like him. Good times!

Hope everyone had a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!



I don't really need to say much,
other than I knew they were going to take it.
It just makes the win that much more sweet...
4-0 baby!!



I don't follow sports too much. But in each sport I have a team. In baseball it is the Boston Red Sox and the Yankees...

If anyone has been following the playoffs, the Sox and the Indians were playing for the World Series... and the SOX took it! WOO HOO! They are the American League champs and will play the stupid Colorado Rockies! In the World Series!




We have this great client event for my hotel... We tailgate up at the U for one of the Ute games. It is such a fun event. We go all out. It's not your ordinary tailgate. We have it decked out! Full bar and all. Here is a pic of the set up... I get to bring Gar with me. He loves this event. I can't bring him to all of them, but at least he can come to this one. This is me, Gar and Trevor, or T-Bone as I like to call him. He works with me and he also does theatre with me. He will be in Carol with us as the token black guy. Good times!!

This is a pic of my good friend Britt, she and I work together. She is incharge of putting this shin-dig together. She's on the left and a good client of ours is in the middle. She used to preform in Disney World as one of the characters.


Look out... Here comes Spiderman!!

Halloween 2006 Toby was
as you may recall.

This year we searched far and wide for the perfect costume. Well, actually we were buying dog food at the local Pet Smart and walked past the costume rack and this one jumped out right in front of us.... Was this totally meant to be or what?

While Gar was at his show tonight, Toby and I had a little pre-halloween photo shoot. What a good little model he was...
He actually like it I think. He just stood there and let me take the pictures. I was really surprised. I would bribe him with a treat and he would look at the camera with his cute broken ears and I would snap these great photos.
He is just too cute for words. I let him walk around with it on for a while and got this cute one.
It was a fun little photo shoot and while I started posting this entry, I looked over and SPIDERTOBY was tuckered out! He was laying in his spot on top of the big chair just kicking it... It's so hard being a superhero!


Garrick Look-A-Likes

Ok, so this is Garrick posting...I never do this, I let Stef do all the posting and such, but she ran a facial recognition on the myheritage.com and came up a crazy assortment....I thought I always had a little Matthew McConaughey in my looks....guess not.


Celebrity Look Alike...

There is a website that you can put a pic of yourself on and it comes up with celebrities that you look alike...

I need to get a better self portrait of myself, but this will do for fun.

So here you go. If you wan to give it a try go to myheritage.com and click on celebrity look alike.



So we have these great friend who have season tickets to the Salt Lake Real. Every once and a while, when they can't use their tickets (which are GREAT seat by the way), they give us a call and see if we want to use them. Ang and I were at the opening game, it was a blast.

We got a call to use the tickets about a week or so ago and low and behold, they were for the Real vs Galaxy. YES... David Beckham and the LA Galaxy...
Ummm, hello, can you say HOTTIE.... I was so ecstatic to see him play in person. I have been following the MLS a little and know the Mr. Beckham had been injured, so I looked on their website to see if he would be playing and was so PISSED when I read this...

OUT: DF Chris Albright (R hamstring); MF David Beckham (R knee);

WTF... I was given tickets and he would not be playing. Not only was he injured and out, he was not even there... LAME. Oh well, there was plenty of good looking soccer men to gaze at... Gar took this pic of me... It's alright. We were in the 7th row, great seats.
I noticed that I really get into the games and find myself yelling and screaming at the refs. They really made some horrible calls... The seats were in the middle of some super fans. That was pretty fun to see them getting all mad and crazy at the refs. I almost caught a water bottle that the mascot threw... But it slipped out and some dumb kid ended up with it.
Gar and I had a good time and the game ended up tying 2 to 2. Not too bad. There were 2 penalty kicks and a couple of yellow cards. Over all I had a blast. To bad Mr. Beckham was not there to enjoy my presence! Thanks John and Ally for the tickets.

Ok, so this pic... I will give anyone a dollar if they can guess why Gar took this photo...
(HINT: It's NOT to show you what good seats we had...)