We have this great client event for my hotel... We tailgate up at the U for one of the Ute games. It is such a fun event. We go all out. It's not your ordinary tailgate. We have it decked out! Full bar and all. Here is a pic of the set up... I get to bring Gar with me. He loves this event. I can't bring him to all of them, but at least he can come to this one. This is me, Gar and Trevor, or T-Bone as I like to call him. He works with me and he also does theatre with me. He will be in Carol with us as the token black guy. Good times!!

This is a pic of my good friend Britt, she and I work together. She is incharge of putting this shin-dig together. She's on the left and a good client of ours is in the middle. She used to preform in Disney World as one of the characters.


Deb said...

How fun...love all the red. What a great event to be able to go to and be apart of the Hilton team!!

You guys look great!

nettifer said...

GO Utes! I love that you get to do that! Even a little jealous! I love all the red and you look so cute in a hat!