Christmas 2009

Well for Christmas I got a very special present...AURORA!!! I have never had Aurora on Christmas, I got her on Thanksgiving and her mother got her on Christmas. So this is the first time I got her in 18 years!

For Stef I did do the closet but I also bought her Beatles Rock Band, it is so much fun!!!

Toby was very curious....

Me and Aurora!!! Bub saw this picture and said.."I look like I was right about to say something"

Our Christmas Eve present to the family is we take them to a movie and Pizza at the Pie
This year we went and saw Planet 51, a fun family friendly movie.

Me and Ang..we always seem to get a picture together
(it is because she is my favorite sis..what? what ? who said that ?)

The whole crew!!! Well it took me forever to post this so thank s for the patience and a very late Happy New Years and a verrrryyyyy late MERRY CHRISTMAS 2009!



Hello all!! Okay so this will probably be the longest blog entry I have ever done, but it is a lot of info! So I got this hair brained idea that I wanted to do something special for Stef for Christmas, she has so many nice clothes and shoes, and purses, and jewelry and she has all of it jamb packed into a little closet and a wardrobe downstairs, so since we have an extra bedroom upstairs...I decided to turn it into a walk-in closet for her, for Christmas.

First step..clear the room,strip the walls, putty, sand clean up dust
Second Step..remove light fixture, blinds, light and electric panels
Third Step..paint the ceiling, repaint molding and door frames

Step Four..Install new track lighting ( to showcase all the wonderful items)

Step Five..Tape everything (God the taping)

Step Six.. Paint the edges, Paint the walls

I choose a rust brown because it matched the floor and the new shelving, and also I read a study that doctor found this to be a very peaceful color, it reminds us of the time in the womb when the only light you see is the light that passes through your mother's belly...very interesting!

Step Five.. Install all the new shelving and hangers, Install new flat screen tv mount, Run cable, Install T.V

Step Six.. Bring in all the furniture and clothes...that is right I put an overstuffed chair in there so she can chill in her closet and watch TV in the mornings.



Well I went and busted up my foot in December. Not broken but oh so sprained!!! This picture was taken by Stef in the ER at 2 am as you can see my right foot is not normal.

Well after a week or so it started to bruise and it got UGLY...Green's, and Black's and Blue's and even a little purple thrown in there.

I am back to normal..well 98.9%..back to normal but it was quite the horrible sprain!