What day is it?

We moved. It was the hottest day of the year.
We're beat. We're busy.
The house is almost put together.
Got the washer and dryer, no more laundry mat.
I will post pix of house when we get the internet.
Aurora comes in Saturday.
Love you all!


Well, the house is done and this weekend we move in... I'll get back to posting more once we move in and I'll get the pix up!
Gar made this in hopes that we get some help. Cute huh!


Crazy times.

Gar and I have been running around like crazy. We go to work, then to the house, the to our second jobs, then back to the house, then sleep and then wake up and do it all over again, oh yeah, with one car, FUN!! Owning a house is a lot of work, and we don't even live in it yet. But I love it! It is going to be WONDERFUL when we move in and actually live there. It's a cute little humble abode.

We are 90% finished with the floors. WOW, it's no wonder why it costs about $3,000.00 to refinish hardwood floors it is DAMN hard. It is a TON of work, time, energy, money, blood, sweat and tears... But it will be so pretty when we are done.

I do have to give MOST of the credit to Gar. He did about 80% of the sanding, all the staining and all of the polish... SO really... Gar did it all, with some help from his beautiful assistant... HAHAHA!

But it has turned out BEAUTIFULLY! We will be completely done with the floors and I will put up pix of the before, during and after for all to enjoy!

We will move in on the 14th of July! So if you want to help.... :)