Lack-Luster blogging = Stefanie

Allow me to introduce myself... I don't know if you remember me, we meet a couple of years ago - I started this blog. I haven't posted in, well... it's just been entirely to long. Thank you Garrick for keeping it alive.

So much has happened in the last couple of months. I'll spare you all the boring details and just give you bullet points as to what's been going on.

DEC 09: Got a job offer at The Canyons Resort. So left the Sheraton and started my trek up the canyon. Loved it... (loved being a key word, a little foreshadowing there for you).

JAN 10: Tying to get settled into the new job. It's so different working at a resort. THEN, got a call from the Director of Sales at the Hotel Monaco telling me she has a Sales Manager position open and wants me to come work for them. WOW, what a great feeling to be called and wanted, what a HARD decision. Gar and I talked about it and decided that I just had to take the job at the Monaco. I gave my notice at the Canyons, cried as I told them, then worked my last week there and Feb 1st will start at the Hotel Monaco!

FEB 10: Started the new job. LOVE IT! The hotel is amazing the company I work for is amazing and the first Friday I was there, I brought Toby in. I can bring him in whenever I want. LOVE IT!
Got a GREAT part in a fun show called Reefer Madness, I was one of the leads! So during Feb, we rehearsed every night.

MAR 10: The show opened and was a HUGE success, we sold out every night. It was so fun to preform this show. I had 2 great solos and in then end, I got to kill the bad guy and became the hero! I ripped his hear out on stage!

This is me right before I killed him, I beat him with a garden hoe. Good times!!
Me singing one of my solos.
APRIL 10: So far April has been good, Gar and I are loving the nice weather, we both are really getting into working out and go at least 4 times a week. Gar got into to yoga and is LOVING it. It has done so much for his back. I started zumba, and it's a blast. I keep up my running and am thinking of trying out the yoga...

So far 2010 has treated us well. The lusty month of May might bring Gar and I some sorrow as our favorite TV show, LOST will be ending. We are both broken up about it, and on May 23rd, you may see Gar cry.