Its.... A NEW HOUSE!!!!!!

We did it.
We went and got ourselves a home. We still can't believe it.
It's been a year in the making. But we finally bought one.
Here it is...

We will move in July 20! But before that we are going to refinish the hardwood floors... It is a great place! And it will look so great once we redo the floors and give it a little S&G love. And it has a backyard for Toby!


SO much going on... So little time.

We have had so much going on... Last weekend Gar's half sister, Kira, came to town to visit some family and called us to hang out. She is the one that we just met in Hawaii. Q, Gar's brother, had not met her yet. So we went out to lunch and then took Toby and Rufus, Q and Lisa's dog to Tanner Park. We love that park. Here is a great pic of the fam...
Toby used to hate the water, but we have thrown him in enough that he actually likes it now. Here is Gar kicking it in the creek helping Toby swim. He is so freaking cute in the water. he just jumps right in now. Rufus was not so daring.
This is Gar's brother Quinn, or Q as we call him. This is his new girl, Lisa. She is great. Like Q's shirt. HAHAHA!
Gar and I actually had a second to relax, and we were kicking out on our deck. Toby loves it out there. I was just snapping some shots and when I was going through them all I really like this one with Gar in the background... Enjoy!
My good friend had some extra tickets to the Real game and I called up Ang to see if she wanted to come with. We had a blast. Real is not a very good team, but it was a really good game. The ref's made some really crappy calls and we ended up losing in the last minute, but it still was SMF! Notice in the pic below the guy holding his shirt up... NICE!
We got Dip N' Dots, Ang never had them before. LOVE them! And the best part of the game was I ran into Lars. Anyone that knew me when I worked at the daycare, know Lars. I haven't watched him in over a year and didn't even know if he'd remember me... But he did. bummed I didn't get a pic! Love that kid. I watched him for about 7 years. Good times!


Hair Cut, Computer, & The Kiddies

So many thing have been going on. Next week, i will have BIG NEWS... So stay tuned...

With summer here little Toby couldn't even walk a block without running to shade because his hair. So we got the boy buzzed. Look how freakin' cute he is with his dumbo ears. He is so much happier with the buzz cut!
It was time for Gar and I to upgrade the computer. With all his art and programs, we just need to... so we got the Mac Mini, and it is mini. It is so cute! So Beck and Gav bought our old computer. It was a sweet buy for those guys. Our old mac with all the program on it. So they came over the other night to pick it up and brought little Benjamin...

He LOVED playing with Toby, they wouldn't stop playing with each other. The are just to cute. Then Gar broke out the light saber and Benjamin had a ball. That thing is twice as big as he is.
Here are just some cute pix of the boy posing for me.
Right now Gar and I only have one car... I had to work late the other day and Gar had rehearsal, so Ang was so nice to pick me and at work and take me home. On the way to my house, we stopped the the golden arches and picked up so gourmet food and went back to my place and hung out. It was a blast. The look on Rio's face... HAHAHA!!



The trip was so much fun, to say the least! I didn't get many great pix with my camera, so you will have to go to the RESCH, WATTS or BARROWES blogs to see the good pix... I will post more when I get them from everyone.

It was a whirlwind trip, but it was so worth it. It started out at 5:00 in the AM... E.A.R.L.Y!!
To foreshadow a bit...
Nat was supposed to fly into Denver and meet us at the hotel, but she and I decided that it would be AWESOME if she flew in to SLC and we surprised the girls. So she flew into SLC Thursday night late. So they come pick me up early Friday morning and I get in the car and then, oops, I forget my phone (this is where my fab acting skills kick in), I go in and get my phone which is really Nat and then we walk out... It work beautifully! At 5:30 AM, there were loud screams from all of them. Well, first a puzzled look from Beck until she figured out what was going on, then the screams. We totally surprised them!! Now, Nat and I are HORRIBLE at keeping any sort of surprise or secret. I am constantly ruining the good surprises. But we did it and it was a huge success. S.M.F!!!

The drive was fun and actually went by quite fast. My fav was Nettie saying, "We need to find a Starbuck's so Nat will shut up". We had the doll that Nettie got us all as the mascot in the front of the car. I know CHEESE, but we had to do it. This is actually the doll that Everest got signed by the girl the played Elphaba the Wicked Witch.
Of course, we had to get the pix of those that fell asleep. I was driving and Nettie was shotgun and passed out, so I had to take this sweet photo. Couldn't resist posting it, SORRY Nettie! You are so beautiful!!! This is a model shot compared to the one Beck got of me...
Then we stopped in Cheyenne at McD's, got some burgers and ice cream. Eve was so cute and SOOO good on the drive. Not one complaint out of her. And she didn't sleep at all on the ride. The girl was up at 5:00AM and didn't take a nap until we went to bed that night at 1:00am. From dusk till dawn, that girl is a party animal!
Well we got to the hotel and got settled and then proceeded to get ready. We had 2 rooms, THANK GOODNESS, and we got the rooms connecting, which was SMF!
Then it was off to the Cheesecake Factory. We don't have one here in the SLC yet, so we have to get it when we can. These are just some pix of us waiting for the food. Aren't we all just so freaking cute!
This is me and Beck, fun B&W. Cover Girls!!
Nat and Ang... Oh, so sweet!
Nettie and Eve... Too cute!
I don't know if you notice, but we were all in black in white. We didn't even plan it. Were good.

OK, so I now know why America has the highest obesity rate... Check out our food. It really was disgusting how much food they serve one person. My dinner came out on a platter, a freaking platter that you would fill with food and bring to a party... TOO MUCH FOOD!
Ang got a side salad with her entree and if you can see in the above pix that salad on the top left corner... That is the SMALL salad... W.T.F. That pizza is for a 9 year old girl. You can see Netties "Tons of Fun" burger in the pix with her and Eve. HUGE. It was crazy... None of us finished out meals. What a waste... But, what do you do?... Chow down till you have a stomach ache and then order cheesecake and ice cream. Good times...

Then it was the moment we have all been waiting for since November...

I'm a HUGE baby when it come to seeing Broadway show. I cry from curtain up until after the show is over and I get myself under control. It was a beautiful theater. We hit the suvie shop before the show and got some goodies. Nettie got a cute one-sie that says WICKED on the bum, I got a the big colorful program, and Eve got a poster...
Then, we got to our seats, which were GREAT. Waited for about 10 minutes. Then the show started. And yep, I cried... at every song... couldn't keep together during intermission, cried during the second act and then cried when I saw Everest crying.

The show was amazing. The talent was superb! The costumes and music was fantastic. This is my most favorite show I have seen. I have seen a good amount of Broadway shows and this was the best.
After Eve and I stopped crying and pulled it together, we went out back and waited and got autographs. That was great. We had to wait a while because the lead were getting notes from the director, but they all came out and Eve got them all on her poster and Elphaba signed her Wicked Witch dolls dress. It was great.

The guy that played Fiyero... HOT!!!

It was an awesome bonding moment for us sisters and Everest and I was SO happy that Nettie came with us, after all she is one of the Omer sisters!!