Its.... A NEW HOUSE!!!!!!

We did it.
We went and got ourselves a home. We still can't believe it.
It's been a year in the making. But we finally bought one.
Here it is...

We will move in July 20! But before that we are going to refinish the hardwood floors... It is a great place! And it will look so great once we redo the floors and give it a little S&G love. And it has a backyard for Toby!


ANOB said...

Yeah!!!! So excited for you guys!!! Can't wait to see the inside tonight. It looks perfect for the 2....I mean 3 of you. Congrats!!!!


peggy, margaret, whatever said...


where is this.. i want to know cause i am moving in with you... uhh... i mean... coming to visit you really soon and need to know where to come... yeah... visit!

nettifer said...

i am so freaking excited for you!