Gay Pride, more plays and a radio DJ??...

I'm working back up to blogging once a week, but it is a work in progress. A SLOW work in progress.

We have been up to a couple of things as of late. This past weekend was Salt Lake's Gay Pride week and my hotel, the Hotel Monaco is a huge supporter of the gay community and so we were in the Parade. It was a blast, we are known as Salt Lake Gayest hotel and here is some of our team. It was a blast!

After the parade, I met up with Garrick and our friends and walked around the festival. It was a good time, perfect weather and we even were gay for a day! HAHAHA! This is Garrick and our friend Doug, prom pic.

And this is me and Angie, she works with Gar.

It was a fun day and LOVED being out in the sun all day long. Summer is FINALLY HERE!

Well, we have come out of retirement and Garrick and I are both doing shows this summer. Garrick's is very different, it's called Pump Boys and the Dinettes. Garrick and 2 other guys from his band are in it and they are the band in this show. Garrick is the main guy, Jim who plays the guitar in the band. It play my birthday weekend August 25-30, and will be such a fun show! I can't wait to see him sing a play some great country music!

I will be staring, well, not so much staring in this next show as I will be in the chorus. I will be in Hale's production of the Pirates of Penzance. I'm so excited. It's a great show and I'll be one of the sisters in it. Garrick was actually in this show 12 years ago when Hale had their old theater. So we have now come full circle. This show will run mid August through the end of September!
As if Garrick can't have more on his plate and he truly is the man of a thousand faces, Graphic Designer, in an 80's cover band, does plays and shows by night, well NOW he has is own radio show.
You can hear him via the internet airwave (if that's what you call them) on UtahFM. His show is called Utah Inspired.

He will talk about art, theater, music or whatever inspires you. It is every Friday from 6:00pm -7:30pm. It is such a great show and he has an amazing radio voice. So listen every Friday!
Ok, that's it for now. Catch you later!