THE BACK YARD, she sure is purty!

So we (by we I mean Garrick) have been working on the yard and he has wanted to finish off the backyard. So Garrick finally found an day where he didn't have to do anything. It's been a LONG time since he has had a Saturday to do whatever he wanted. So we (I actually helped), we went to Home Depot and got all the stuff to finish off the back yard. There is is... all 55 bricks, 250 lbs of dirt and 150 lbs of sand.
This is what it looked like before. Pretty plain and not so great to look at. The pix below are of where he is going to put the flower bed and then lay sod everywhere else.
DRUMROLL PLEASE..... Here it is, in all it's glory. The finish product. Garrick is just amazing. It's so pretty! Isn't it! In the spring we will plant some pretty colorful flowers in between what we already have in there.
Then Garrick finished it off by sodding the the rest. It makes the backyard look so much bigger and SO pretty! I just love sitting back there!
There's our sweet hammock. I love that thing. Came home the other day, couldn't find Garrick, went out back and he was sleeping. It's so nice to sit out and relax in the pretty backyard!
Then we felt we needed  little something on the back porch. Se we got this sweet pot and put some great flowers in it. It really finishes off the back real nice!
Toby... what can I say. This boy is SO damn cute. He hangs out while we work on the yard, but the minute we get the hose out, he runs in.
Well, I'll try and keep up on the the blogging, but I make no guarantees. I forget to carry the camera around. We have been doing good, super busy with work, shows, house and such. But we both had great birthdays and a wonderful anniversary!