Toby .VS. Chewbacca

I just wanted to make an observation...
Toby is a little Chewbacca.
I think that is why Gar loves him.
Can't you see the resemblance? The hair color alone is a dead give away.
This boy is just too damn cute. With his long hair he is the long lost brother of Chewy.
We love this little guy.
It is really crazy how attached you get to your pet.
I never thought I'd love a dog like this. I mean growing up with our MILLION different dogs,
I'd thought I'd never have a little guy of my own.
But when you see him, your just in love.


Just a warning...

OK, so to preface this blog, I'm no critic... Gar and I went to see this movie, Cloverfield. I won't give anything away. But the preview looked good, I love J.J. Abrams, but this, not so great. I didn't like it. I'm not hear to rip on the movie, but what I will say is if you get any type of motion sickness from ANYTHING, take something before you see this movie. THE ENTIRE movie is filmed with someones home camera. So it is like watching a really bad home movie of someone running for 85 minutes. I put my head down about 6 times and had my eyes closed for at least half the film.

So today I go into work feeling horrible. I was so sick all morning, had to sit down and put my make up on, had cold sweats all morning, felt dizzy, was so nauseous I couldn't eat or drink anything. So I went home and crashed, thinking i had the flu, NO... it was still the effects of the motion sickness, a little vertigo from that damn movie. UGH! Motion sickness can last up to 24 hours. That is how bad the filming was. ( I see what they were trying to do, but come on... it was bad).

So to say the least, take something before you go, or just don't go, you won't miss out on anything, I promise.



WOW, have I been SO lazy since Christmas. I went from working 3 jobs down to one. Just one job, the day job at the hotel. It has been wonderful. No more PB. I just wasn't diggin it and had to get OUT! Carol closed on Dec. 23. So I went from have no time to do anything to all the time in the world. And what have I done with all of this spare time. Not a thing and it has been amazing! But back into reality, I need to get off my lazy booty and do something. Well, to give myself a little love, I have been working out. But that's it.

We had a wonderful holiday. The 2 pic below are of my work "Holiday Party". We can't call it a "Christmas" party, we have to be PC and call it a holiday party. Anyway we had a good time and I won some sweet pic frames that are nicely displayed in my office. I was so excited to win them you would have thought I won a million dollars.
This is my B.F.F Britt. She is great and the one I get into a ton of trouble with, I'm not kidding, just ask Gar or H.R.
To sum of Christmas for us, we got ourselves a big flat screen plasma TV. We LOVE IT!!! It is so choice! Gar go it set up on the wall and all the speakers hooked up. Finally we can use our surround sound to it's full ability. It is great to have a little home theater.
The other gift was really for Gar, but I must say that I am slowly turning into a nerd and I am really excited about this one... We are going to the San Diego Comic Convention. Yes, you can say it. N.E.R.D A.L.E.R.T!!! Gar used to go every year, and then we started dating and he has not got once... So I got us tickets, including preview night, and a great hotel room. It is in July and we just can't wait!
I'll keep up on the posts, I promise... I am done with my lay on the couch phase, I think.
Love you all!