Toby .VS. Chewbacca

I just wanted to make an observation...
Toby is a little Chewbacca.
I think that is why Gar loves him.
Can't you see the resemblance? The hair color alone is a dead give away.
This boy is just too damn cute. With his long hair he is the long lost brother of Chewy.
We love this little guy.
It is really crazy how attached you get to your pet.
I never thought I'd love a dog like this. I mean growing up with our MILLION different dogs,
I'd thought I'd never have a little guy of my own.
But when you see him, your just in love.


ANOB said...

Dude....LOL for real!!! Tobs is so Chewy! Love it! Yes....you gotta love him. Love the last pic and his little nub...yuk!

nettifer said...

Toby is a mini chewy! Love the butt pic. That is so funny!

Deb said...

Toby is the absolute cutest. I love that little guy. It just cracked me up with the comparison between Toby & Chewie...OMG too funny!! I know I have mentioned this before but Rog & I really loved the time we got to spend with Toby while we were in SLC. He's our very special grand-puppy and we miss him and love him lots!
As a matter of fact, yesterday I was looking through several files of pictures of Salt Lake. Your wedding, the rehersal dinner, the canyon and the 549 pictures Roger took of Toby. We have more of him than of anyone else in the family. He's a beautiful dog!
Love you guys