We have have so much freaking sonw it is just crazy. The snow we had last winter in November, December, and January, we have had just this January 2008. It is CRAZY! A couple of nights ago we had a huge storm that brought in a ton of wind and Gar had a dream that the big tree in our back yard had broke and hit our house. So when we got up the next morning and looked out the window and a huge branch had really broken off and fell only 5 feet from the bedroom window.
Gar had to get a ax and chop it up. That big hunk of a man had to use all his muscles to lift it, that thing would have went right through our little brick house. It was really hot to see Gar out there with an ax...

Last Saturday, we had Ang's kids over for a sleepover while And and Kirk got away for the night. We had a blast. I slaved in the kitchen and made some dinner...
Then Gar brought out the light saber and we played around. The kids love Gar and he's so great about letting them play with his toys.... Here is Everest being so serious, those acting classes have really paid off.Rio is SOOOO freaking cute. She would not leave Gar's side. It is too cute. We rented EVAN ALMIGHTY, which is pretty cute, and she sat on his lap and watched it. Adorable!
Again, with the Star Wars, this is Rio showing her Vader muscles. Can it get any cuter? I don't think so.
Then we have Optimus Prime and Darth Vader fighting... It was a close fight, but Optimus Prime did end up kicking some Vader butt!


nettifer said...

What a freaky dream he had.
Good times with Aunt Stefi! You rock as a aunt!

Deb said...

Garr you're so psychic.. glad that tree didn't go through your house, you got lucky. Poor little tree, I hope it recovers and isn't too mis-shapened by the trauma. Those little kids are so adorable, they have such sweet little faces and they just look like they are good kids. Good to see that everyone is into Star Wars and that Garrick finally has someone to do battle with...mini Optimus Prime. Love your blog! Love you!!xoxoxoxoxoxo