Old and New and MY BACK!!!

Last Tuesday I took Stef down a bowl of cereal for breakfast and she said "The milk is warm?" so we went upstairs and the fridge took a dump on us. The freezer was working overtime, frost on everything, but no more cold. So we went out and bought a new one, YEA! The lady we talked to says "We can't deliver it until the 30th" WTF?!? So a week with no cold food..we had to throw out all our perishables..ugh.
Here is the old (1998) fridge, it came with the house.

But the new one came today!!!! And it matches the rest of our appliances (the stove is next, but have to wait till it takes a dump). It is so pretty and shinny!!

Also my back went out!! Well I had been jumping around on it for close to 9 weeks with my show Treasure Island..I could feel pain and numbness the whole time, but last week it became unbearable, I had an MRI Monday and the doctor said I had Herniated Disk between the L4 AND L5 Lumbar. So hopefully I can get this resolved soon, I have been taking it really easy and not doing any strenuous actions. I will keep you all updated.
(Check out my image I found it is written in Spanish LOL)


The Side of the House

Hi Ho Garrick here, Stefanie is spending her summer at the Hale Centre Theatre.
So I have started my summer projects, this is the first one, complete the South side of the house.

So I dug up all the weeds and grass that was on the side and laid a path of stones for Prince Toby to prance along (he is not so keen on walking on the grass, little girly boy)

After that I made a small box to lay under the hose to catch water and to frame the hose, redwood sides and river stones.

My mom and Roger gave us a great frog to put in our yard for a house warming gift and he fits so well in here, see him in the corner.

Here is the side with the sod laid in it turned out so well, if you look at the overhang my mom and Rog also gave us a windchime and it is hanging on the corner, it sounds beautiful.

Here it is complete, it was a lot of work and Stef was a big help, but we love how it looks.


The fam came to town!!

Well Treasure Island closed (Finally!) on June 6th and the fam made the trek out to see Garrick's last show. If you don' t know Garrick is following his dream and going back to school to get his Illustration degree in Comic Book Art and he has officially retired from theater life.

Aurora, Mom and Roger all flew in to see this show, it was so great. Grandma Joan, Mom, Rog, Quinn, Jodi, Stefanie and Aurora all went and saw the show together, and we had a great BBQ at the house afterwards...a mini family reunion.

Dick joined Grandma at the house and saw the show a couple days later. Q feeding Toby.

Q and G enjoying life.

Apparently something was happening to the right of us?

Garrick, Deb, Quinn
Can't believe she pushed out these two motley crew.

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