The fam came to town!!

Well Treasure Island closed (Finally!) on June 6th and the fam made the trek out to see Garrick's last show. If you don' t know Garrick is following his dream and going back to school to get his Illustration degree in Comic Book Art and he has officially retired from theater life.

Aurora, Mom and Roger all flew in to see this show, it was so great. Grandma Joan, Mom, Rog, Quinn, Jodi, Stefanie and Aurora all went and saw the show together, and we had a great BBQ at the house afterwards...a mini family reunion.

Dick joined Grandma at the house and saw the show a couple days later. Q feeding Toby.

Q and G enjoying life.

Apparently something was happening to the right of us?

Garrick, Deb, Quinn
Can't believe she pushed out these two motley crew.

Post by G.


Deb said...

Oh we had such a great time with you guys...way too short but totally worth every minute. Loved the show, you were FANTASTIC. I hope the new direction you are going with your art Garr, will bring you immense joy.
We loved your house, it is so inviting and you guys have fixed it up so cute. I just loved being there - finally! Happy summer...have some fun!