The Side of the House

Hi Ho Garrick here, Stefanie is spending her summer at the Hale Centre Theatre.
So I have started my summer projects, this is the first one, complete the South side of the house.

So I dug up all the weeds and grass that was on the side and laid a path of stones for Prince Toby to prance along (he is not so keen on walking on the grass, little girly boy)

After that I made a small box to lay under the hose to catch water and to frame the hose, redwood sides and river stones.

My mom and Roger gave us a great frog to put in our yard for a house warming gift and he fits so well in here, see him in the corner.

Here is the side with the sod laid in it turned out so well, if you look at the overhang my mom and Rog also gave us a windchime and it is hanging on the corner, it sounds beautiful.

Here it is complete, it was a lot of work and Stef was a big help, but we love how it looks.


ANOB said...

Nice G....very nice! When do you want to start on my house???

Deb said...

Well that turned out real nice. Looks so good. I especially like the framed river rock. The bricks you used have a good. You have such a great backyard. I loved the trees and all the space you have. The time you have spent in improving your yard really makes a difference, it looks great!
On another note-since Stef is at Hale...does that mean she got into the show after all??? Hope so!

Love you guys to pieces! Mom

Deb said...

It appears that I should proof read before I send... What I was going to say was that I liked the color, shape and texture of the bricks you used. I've seen similar at Home Depot and they would have been my choice too!