SO much going on... So little time.

We have had so much going on... Last weekend Gar's half sister, Kira, came to town to visit some family and called us to hang out. She is the one that we just met in Hawaii. Q, Gar's brother, had not met her yet. So we went out to lunch and then took Toby and Rufus, Q and Lisa's dog to Tanner Park. We love that park. Here is a great pic of the fam...
Toby used to hate the water, but we have thrown him in enough that he actually likes it now. Here is Gar kicking it in the creek helping Toby swim. He is so freaking cute in the water. he just jumps right in now. Rufus was not so daring.
This is Gar's brother Quinn, or Q as we call him. This is his new girl, Lisa. She is great. Like Q's shirt. HAHAHA!
Gar and I actually had a second to relax, and we were kicking out on our deck. Toby loves it out there. I was just snapping some shots and when I was going through them all I really like this one with Gar in the background... Enjoy!
My good friend had some extra tickets to the Real game and I called up Ang to see if she wanted to come with. We had a blast. Real is not a very good team, but it was a really good game. The ref's made some really crappy calls and we ended up losing in the last minute, but it still was SMF! Notice in the pic below the guy holding his shirt up... NICE!
We got Dip N' Dots, Ang never had them before. LOVE them! And the best part of the game was I ran into Lars. Anyone that knew me when I worked at the daycare, know Lars. I haven't watched him in over a year and didn't even know if he'd remember me... But he did. bummed I didn't get a pic! Love that kid. I watched him for about 7 years. Good times!


nettifer said...

G's sister is cute and so is Q's girlfriend! Way to go! You guys are so busy!

ANOB said...

Thats great they got to see their sister. Good times! Hope things slow down for you soon.

peggy, margaret, whatever said...

a) love you and miss you

b) didn't know quinn had a new girl

c) i miss quinn too... let's go kareoki!!!

d) when are you coming to visit me???

peggy, margaret, whatever said...

e) TOTALLY remember LARS!! holy cow, isn't he like 85 now???