What day is it?

We moved. It was the hottest day of the year.
We're beat. We're busy.
The house is almost put together.
Got the washer and dryer, no more laundry mat.
I will post pix of house when we get the internet.
Aurora comes in Saturday.
Love you all!


zippa said...

That is flipping awesome!!!!!!! Congrats. Hopefully you can have a nice restful weekend in your new casa:)

Deming Brat said...

way cool stef... love you!

Anonymous said...

Dude.... what a tease... get the pix up! haha Can't wait to see them. Have fun with your first house guest!!

Grace said...

Hey Garrick!!! Hello Stef!! Nice to virtually meet you...

Garrick, it has been awhile since I said hello...I took a moment to see what was new on your Dean Illustration site and came across this blog. So cool to hear you doing so well. And congrats on the house! That is very exciting.It's More work, but a WAY better investment than renting.

I have to say, OMGOSH!!! I cannont believe how much your little sleeping beauty has grown!! CRAP!! that means I am OLD! old. Why do they have to grow up??

Hope you don't mind if I peek in you from time to time to see what's new. This blog thing rocks! and DUDE...your toy collection is crazy! Love all the Star Wars ones, especially.

I have already been on the puter for way too long, so I gotta sign off...