What a BIG year this has been

It has been a crazy whirl-wind 2 months, well, I really should actually say, a whirl-wind year. I really can't believe it is AUGUST already.
(Just FYI August is my birthday month and only 27 shopping days until the 28!!)

2007 has turned out to be not as planned. Gar and I have wanted to get a new car, buy a house and perhaps even get Gar a motorcycle.

Well, in April, both cars took a huge crap on us and we had to trade them in for Vader.
May came around and we get a call from our realtor called with the perfect house at the price we could afford.
None of these were planned, they really just happened. Just fell in our laps. Kinda crazy the way that happens with me and Gar.

While Vader is a GREAT vehicle, having one car while Gar and I both have 2 jobs has been very taxing on us. What a puzzle trying to figure out that if i bring my change of clothes Gar can pick me up, drop me off at PB, run home to take Toby out to relieve himself, run to the theatre, do his show, come pick me up and then, finally, go home and literally, CRASH. Then wake up and do it all over again...
Well, to make a LOOONG story short, (too late), we desperately needed a second mode of transportation...
This is what we came up with...
Ummmm, can you say H.O.T.?

Let me just tell you that I have always been a HUGE fan of motorcycle. Gar has been around them his whole life and we have wanted to get one for a while, but it never seemed to be in the cards. Well, 2007 is the year for big purchases... So why not...
We have been looking for a couple of months, but nothing was working out. Then, one day we were both looking at KSL.com and saw this bike. Gar called and told the guy that he was interested and that we would come up on Sunday if it was still available. This was on a Tuesday... We kept our fingers crossed that it would not sell until we could get up to Ogden and look at it. It was EXACTLY the type of bike Gar has wanted.

A Honda Shadow. Nothing older than a 2000. And he had a price that he wanted to pay. This was the exact bike.

So, we call Sunday morning... it was not sold yet. Some one came to look at it but the battery had died, so he didn't end up getting it. And people didn't want to come see it until the battery was fixed. We were the first to call!!

We take a drive up there and Gar takes it for a spin and fell in love at first sight...

This is a Honda Shadow 2001 A.C.E (American Classic Edition) and the price was PERFECT!
To make another LONG story short (too late), we bought it!!!! We went and picked it up last night!! FUN!
Aurora and I followed Gar home. It was fun to watch him ride.
Man, he looks good on that bike!

I just can't say enough how freggin HOT Gar is on this bike!! I'm in heaven!

That has been taking up most of our time this past week...
We have the Internet hooked up at the new place now, obviously! DUH... So I will be able to post pix of the house, Bubba's visit, and all that fun stuff.

It is SLOWLY getting back to normal... It is nice to be be settled in the house and back to two vehicles (I got my car back... I missed Vader!)

Gotta run and take Bubba shopping! Good times!


Anonymous said...

I just don't ya know believe it!!! That is great! We are so happy for you guys!!! When we get our Harley someday we can do fun road trips together! ha ha

Can't wait to see the house!

ANOB said...

Good one Nat! Love the bike! Nothing like a hot guy on a motorcycle.You so need to bring that by and share. When Kirk gets his road bike(not sure what kind) we call all go on a fun bike trip. That sounds great. Im going to start a paper route right now.
See ya!

nettifer said...

You have one hot hubby! I can't wait to go for a ride! Your year has been crazy! Cant wait for your birthday I have already started my count down :)
Love ya