Christmas 2009

Well for Christmas I got a very special present...AURORA!!! I have never had Aurora on Christmas, I got her on Thanksgiving and her mother got her on Christmas. So this is the first time I got her in 18 years!

For Stef I did do the closet but I also bought her Beatles Rock Band, it is so much fun!!!

Toby was very curious....

Me and Aurora!!! Bub saw this picture and said.."I look like I was right about to say something"

Our Christmas Eve present to the family is we take them to a movie and Pizza at the Pie
This year we went and saw Planet 51, a fun family friendly movie.

Me and Ang..we always seem to get a picture together
(it is because she is my favorite sis..what? what ? who said that ?)

The whole crew!!! Well it took me forever to post this so thank s for the patience and a very late Happy New Years and a verrrryyyyy late MERRY CHRISTMAS 2009!


Deb said...

That looks like it was fun! Good to see everyone, that's a good lookin' group of people!

ANOB said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ANOB said...

So fun to have Aurora here!! Always good times! And yes, yes I am!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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