We had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! Food, family and fun! This is one of my favorite holidays and Gars fav...

To begin, Aurora came into town for the week, not only to celebrate T-day, but also to get her wisdom teeth out.
She did so good. They knocked her out, Gar and I were there to watch that part. It was quite comical... Then they pulled them out and that was that. That all happened on Monday, and by Thanksgiving she was ready to eat a full meal!

Thanksgiving Day came and we had the whole fam over at Becks. It was a nice time. The food was delicious and Beck made her famous pumpkin cheesecake. We had a wonderful time.
After gorging ourselves, we hung out, sang around the piano and watched the kids play. This is Batman/Benjamin... love that he is without pants! What a great photo op!
Dad and D went home Friday morning and us sisters had a fun night out at the Jazz game. We got back stage passes and got to meet them and shake the teams hands. I even rubbed shoulders with my boyfriend Matt Harpring.
We finally got a fam pix of me, Gar and Bubba. She is so beautiful!
What a cute little fam are we!
I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. Only 28 more days until Christmas... Hope your saving up to get me a good gift!!


nettifer said...

Your girls are so amazing beautiful! Love it and I love your new family picture! What a cute family. Miss you guys. I have been reading back through my blog and I got teary eyed because I miss you so much! We need a day!

ANOB said...

The best part was being with with my 3 sisters! So glad I have you girls:)Ok...done with the cheese. The pic of the 3 of you is great!

Love you!

Deb said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you Stef for this fantastic blog you keep up. It is so wonderful to hear and see what you are up to. I just love the pictures and have copied them so I can print them out. Everyone is so beautiful! I just love you guys to pieces and I'm grateful for you as my family. I miss you more than you will ever know. Love ya, Mom