Tis' the season to be Merry...

It has been a crazy ever since T-day ended. Aurora, Nat, and Steve all went home. It's always hard when the house guests leave. It's so quiet. But the quiet only lasted for second and then back to the grindstone it was. 

I worked at the PB, we had tech week for Carol, both of our day jobs have been so busy... And to top it all off we had the first snow of the season. Finally it feels like the holiday season.
It is about time that we had a night off, together. So we put up our Christmas decorations.  We don't have many, but over the years we have started a collection. We bought a fake tree a couple of years ago... here is Gar putting it together... We will need to get the pine tree sent to make it smell like Christmas.
So Gar has a few ornaments that he has collected over the years that I will not let him put on the tree. We have to have a nice classic looking tree, just the way I was brought up. So we decided that this year we would do 2 trees. The "nice" one upstairs for all to enjoy through the window, I will decorate this one. And then we will get a real tree, on the small size to go downstairs that will be Gar's. Kinda like a kid tree... So the superman and spiderman and stromtrooper ornaments can hang proudly... after all these years.
I have been eyeing the cutest stocking and stocking hangers at the PB ever since we put out the Christmas floor set.  So I got them and am so thrilled how they looking hanging on my beautiful mantel. You can see it in the pix but the stocking hanger is J. O. Y and each of the stockings hang from the letters.  The are just too cute!
I'm not the best decorator ever and i'm still working on collecting some really different/cool ornaments, I got some really great ornaments at Tia Pan last year, here is the finished product this year... 
I love the house looks when it is all decorated for Christmas. When I was going up, it was such a big ordeal to decorate for the Christmas season, as I'm sure it is for everyone. There is one tradition that we had when I was little that I really want to start with Gar. While we decorated we listened to... are you ready for this... "Christmas in the Stars". Yes... This was the Star Wars Christmas album. A classic and a staple in the Omer household growing up. It wasn't Christmas growing up without that.
So i'm on the search for the album. I mean, you can't beat the hits such as...
"What can you get a Wookie for Christmas, when he already owns a comb"
"R2D2 we wish you a Merry Christmas"
I need to find it, if you see it, snag it for me!



nettifer said...

Your christmas tree looks beautiful! What a fun night home together. Love your "joy" stocking stuffers and I totally remember the star wars christmas album. I thought you had it on tape? I bet if you call lucas films in San Fransico they could tell you where to buy it.

ANOB said...

Tree looks great Stef. Dude...I totally have Star Wars Christmas on tape. Listen to it every year! Not sure how I ended up with it, but its mine I tell you...MINE!!! HAHA!!JK!
I will share:)

Love you!

Tiff said...

I love your tree!! Ted doesn't like ribbons. He says it is too much. Your is gorgeous. So is your home. Hope you have a great christmas!! love you

Deb said...

Oh my, oh my what a lovely winter scene. The snow blanketing your tree and yard is a beautiful sight. With your Christmas tree lit in the front window it must sparkle against the landscape. How fun for you guys to have your first Christmas in your new home. Getting it decorated with all your cherished keepsakes and making some new memories and traditions, how joyous. Have a wonderful time celebrating the holiday in song, laughter, time with good friends and family. Of course there is the eggnog, cookies, and wonderful treats that seem to appear at this time of year that I love to indulge in. Keep it simple and have a fun time!
Love you lots
Merry Christmas

ClinTeeny said...

Tis the season to be Merry...

That's my name
Griswald - No S#@$!

One of the best lines from that movie. Never heard of the Star Wars Christmas, but it sounds awesome. Love your floors.

Deb said...

Do you have any pictures of the tree downstairs? Would love to see it if you do!