Braving the COLD

On Friday night we met the fam down at temple square to check out the lights. I guess last time we did this is was not minus 100 degrees out. But we braved it and Beck's fam, Ang's fam, and Nett's fam all came down. We had a blast.
We all had our cameras so it was pretty much a photo opp every 2 minutes. It was FREEZING, but the lights were beautiful of course. We didn't last very long.
Joe and I decided to get a pic and Joey said that he did the smile that me and Nettie do in all our pix. HA HA HA! He pretty much nailed it~
The kids were having a blast. There were nine of them and about a million people there, so it was a work out keeping track of all of them. They all found a fountain and walked around it for quite a while. That was the only time all the adults could talk.
All the kids were so bundled, kinda like in the Christmas Story. Gar got this awesome shot of Mads. I love this one. She is so freaking cute. They all are!
We didn't last very long in the artic weather, maybe 30 minutes or so. So we decided to ditch the cold and make the trek to our house. Gar and I were thrilled to have everyone over. It's not the biggest house, but it fit everyone perfectly. We had our Christmas present up, don't think I've blogged about it yet... I'll get pix up. Its our big flat screen TV. We love it. The kids watched Spiderman 3, played the Xbox 360 and we got out the toys they could play with them. Benjamin came up wearing this.....
It was just the cutest thing we had seen. The Vader helmet was huge on him and he kept his finger on the button that makes the Vader breathing noise. Then all the kids were wearing it. It was just too cute.

It was a great night and we loved having everyone over. It would have been perfect if Nat and Steve-o were here... miss you!

I told you that we will start a tridation in the Dean home of having 2 trees in the house. The nice one upstairs that I will decorate and then the "kids" tree downstairs. Gar went and bought a "Charlie Brown" tree and decorated it. It is so cute. He has the big cheesy colored lights and all of his sweet superhero ornaments. It is so great.
Then we made one more holiday decor purchase. Gar's work is giving these sweet "3 Wisemen" out as gifts to client's and he could get a deal. So we got them. They are beautiful. They are the "3 Wisemen" that are carved out of wood and then have the nativity scene carved in then. Aren't they so neat?!?! They are different and artsy, that's why we love them.


Deb said...

OOOOH sounds like so much fun. Everybody looks so darn happy! How fun for the kids to get to play with Gar's cool Star Wars stuff - good memories for them! I'm sure everyone loved going to your house and seeing all of your cute things. And I bet Toby was in 7th heaven! The Three Kings are beautiful what a neat thing to have... and a new TV??? Awesome, you guys will love it! Thinking of you always. Love & miss you alot!

nettifer said...

Friday night was so fun! The best part was going back to your house and just laughing! Thanks so much!
Love the family tree
Love your new tv - holy cow!
I also love those wisemen! They are so nice!
I love how we like getting pictures taken and I would have to agree with you - M does look cute in those pictures.
I am almost done with PS I love you.When should we go?
Love you!

Tiff said...

You are so beautiful. I am in awe every time I see you and your smile. Glad you and Gar are doing so well. Miss you.