Bike Ride for Primary Children's Hospital

Well my oldest friend Travis invited us to go on a ride for a Toy Drive for Utah Primary Children's Hospital, all these hard core bikers collect toys and bring them to the sick children it is a very incredible event, so we went for a ride!

It started at Murray Park and there were over 200 bikes and bikers there, it was hosted by the U.M.F Motorcycle Club and they were really scary -slash- cool. Santa was there!

Here are our bikes..my Honda Shadow Ace 750cc and Travis's Big Dog Mastiff 1800 cc.

Me and Stef getting ready to take off.


Travis and his fiance' Tracie

Rollin' Hard!

Look at all the bikes..they go all the way up the street!!

and around the bend...Just around the river beeeennnndddd!!!

Parking was insane at the hospital..but so cool to see the kids faces looking at all the bikes!!

Even little doggies got in to the spirit...I wonder if Tob's would like a ride!
It was a great experience..we blew through the lights, didn't stop..I mean who is going to stop over 200 motorcycle riders..it was quite fun, I am sure we will do it again soon.


Deb said...

That is totally awesome. What a good cause and what great support.