VEGAS 2009

Well we have a yearly Traditional trip to Las Vegas, a trip we love to do with our friends, it is Disneyland for adults...come on who wouldn't want to go! This year did not disappoint we had a great time, Stef got the whole crew rooms at the Planet Hollywood hotel, and it was so nice.

Well the crew that went this year was Seth, Aaron, Angie, Spencer, me and, Stef..and my Brother Quinn lives there with his girlfriend Jodi so we met up with them while there.

Here we are at Cirque du Soleil - Mystere it was absolutely amazing...mind blowing!

The girls....Very Nice Sexy Time!

Quinn and Jodi, just love these guys to death!!

Me and my brother, we're twins..it's like looking into a mirror!!!!

Stef in front of the Crique show marquee.

On the train ride

We had dinner at Tournament of Kings!!! Welcome to MEDEVIL TIMES!!!

Me and Stef

Us again with our GOOD FRIEND ALCOHOL!!

Stef and Seth insisted on us telling everyone they were twins and their names were Kirk and Cameron, oh and Stef the first day said we had to call her "Sweet D" man Vegas does some crazy stuff to people...but this shot was by far my most favorite shot of the whole trip!!!!