Star Wars in Concert

Well I had a special treat that I treated myself to....STAR WARS!!! Star Wars in Concert came to the Energy Solution Arena and I was able to go and see the music from my favorite saga live with a full symphony and choir.

Here is me with my program and my favorite Star Wars character Darth Vader..Skywalker Ranch released all the actual prop replicas from the movie to travel with the concert..that is actually one of the original Vader suits!!!

My friends the Carter's (Doug, Amber, and Tate) were there also..here is Tate dressed up as Darth Maul.

There were people dressed up and taking pictures..here is Boba Fett.

Here is the stage..a gigantic screen played scenes from the movie while the symphony played the music, it was so moving. At certain points during the production effects would go off..e.i. When Anakin and Obi-Wan were having their final duel on Mustafar FIRE shot out of the front of the stage..no kidding like 10 feet up in the air...cold air blew when Vader's transformation was complete..and when the played the music for the Death Star Trench Run green lasers shot all over the arena!!!

The best part of the production is when Anthony Daniels WHO ACTUALLY PLAYED C-3PO came out and narrated the entire show..absolutely a great treat.

The Props

John William's actual score was on display!

Blasters from Tatoonie

A Stormtrooper Blaster.

B-Wing Pilot Helmet

Biker Scout Helmet

The Characters
Jedi Knight Kitt Fisto



Queen Amidala and hand maidens

and of course Jedi Master Yoda!
It was a wonderful and beautiful event, it took me back to being a child..hearing the opening notes to the Star Wars Theme as they were belted out..just drove me back to a place in my youth that is so deep and dear to me...it was a beautiful concert and a wonderful memory to add to my Star Wars memories...May the Force be with you, always!!!


Joey and Nettifer said...

one word... JEALOUS!
Why did it have to be so much money? How flipping cool was that. Love the tshirt jacket thing! You look hot!

Deb said...

Fantastic.. What an awesome event. You looked real handsome by the way!