Halloween 2009

Well this years Halloween was a blast!! We did so many parties and gatherings we were quite busy!! We got the pics to prove it!

Here is Stef and myself with our good friend Doug Irey, he has been our friend for over 5 years and he is just incredible..we went out the weekend befoer to a costume party and they were shooting pictures..we call this the "Drink Ad" we all look like we are pitching something.

Stefanie and I went as Maximus and Lucilla from Gladiator..I made my costume by hand (bought the boots and did not forge the sword) but built the belt and tunic...and as you can see from the picture before I even cut my hair into a ceaser cut to fit the part....I think we looked great!

We were invited to a huge party at this house where is was once a Mormon church..bought and refurbished to be a home...it is absolutely huge...they have a dance floor and a huge sound system and we tore up the night it was so much fun.

Here is some of our little gang Seth, Aaron, Amber, Stef, Me, Doug, John and Ally

We also went to a kids costume party at the Barrowes house...it was a big costume / birthday party for several of the kids..and they all looked so good!! Her is Everest (Vampire) and Isabella Watts (Goldfish)

The beautiful Omer girls

Stef with Madelyn and Issa, Crazy Mads was a mermaid and Isabella was her gold fish.


The real Batmen Begins..isn't he the cutest little boy?

The older kids were to cool and had to hang out and watch Monsters vs. Aliens...but it was a great time..so until next year. Happy Halloween!


ANOB said...

Dang....you and Stef look H.O.T!! Cant touch that! Love the pics of the party! Good times!

Deb said...

Darling pictures of the kids. They are all growing up so much, it's crazy!! Loved the costumes you guys had this year. They look authentic! Very cool!