Bibbit and the Final Projects

My brother Quinn moved to Las Vegas a couple of months ago and he had this car that just would not make the drive...Volkswagon's 1989 Cabriolet. She is a good little car but she needs some TLC so I gave Q a few sheckles and he gave me The Bibbet..that is the official name of this little beauty..and like all the other women in my life Stefanie and her go toe-to-toe, they just do not get a long...but I like her.

As for the final projects of the year for the exterior of the house.. I planted a Japanese Maple sapling and a little planter box for it

Finished sodding all the areas of the yard that will get sod (next year the final steps of the yard will happen) and built a planter box around this tree..and installed a little light for trolls and gnomes to find there way around.

Sod all the way up to the back of the house..I like it like that.

So the grass will sleep and a beautiful rebirth will happen in the spring and all the yard will be green! Isn't that just specialll!


Deb said...

That makes a big difference. It really looks nice. Sleep and grow little blades...