This weekend was a fun, family weekend. We both worked on Saturday and then went to a birthday party for our friend T-Bone. It was fun... from what I remember. HaHaHa!

Then Sunday came and we built a fence (this is where the clever title comes in...). We bought all the supplies last weekend. It really amazes me how guys just have it in their blood and have the know hows to build things... I went a married myself a handyman. Who knew? It just keeps getting better!

When we were at Lowe's, he knew all the proper building supplies to get... I told him that I would have just bought the fence that was already assembled and propped it up on something. But Gar got all the necessary parts! Amazing... here are all the parts in our garage eagerly awaiting to be put together.
So Sunday morning, after stopping to get some greasy breakfast to kick the hangovers, Gar got his hammer, leveler, nails, measuring tape, little shovel, big shovel, and his tool belt and got to work. I'm sure that there were many more tools that he used, I just have no clue what they are called.

This is the one of the holes for the posts. Who knew that you had to dig a hole and cement the post in? Not me.

The holes are dug and ready for the cement. Now, I wasn't just sitting there looking beautiful while Gar slaved away digging the post holes, I was mowing the lawn. That is the only yard work that I actually like to do. I still remember the time my dad taught me how... Ahh, memories...
At any rate, it took no time to get the posts in the ground and cemented... I really want to know where Gar got this knowledge. I helped him while we were dating to put up a vinyl fence for his Aunt Phyllis and it took him no time, he didn't even have instructions. It must be in the male blueprint I guess.
There are many steps to building a fence. Again, I had no idea that home improvement work is so involved. But it is fun and I enjoy the time that Gar and I get to spend together. I love him and our little family.

So here we have both posts up and the 2, lets call them the guard rails (?) up. It's starting to resemble a fence, no?

Half way done and just a few slivers. In fact, we went without injury. I did manage however to break a nail. What's a girl to do?

We did it the old fashioned way, no electric hammer, just Gars big guns and my help of holding the frame in place while he hammered away.

It only took a couple of hours, maybe 2 hours, and we were finished. Doesn't it look great? It is 8 feet long and 6 feet high. We decided not to stain it. I think the natural wood color is very nice looking and looks great against the tan brick of the house.
We are stilling trying to figure out what to do with this little piece of land... Rip out the tree? Cement the whole thing? Plant a garden? (That last one is entirely too much work!) I tell Gar that we should cement it for our boat. A girl can dream, right.
Gar is such a great handyman and husband. He has done so much to make our house a home. It is true, the projects never end.

While Gar and I were working we look over and see that Mr. Toby wants to help. This little guy has the ENTIRE yard to himself. But, the boy hardly ever leaves our sides. It's endearing really! We look over and he is hard at work digging a hole of his own. We have never seen him do this. It was adorable. His tiny little feet just working away. He so wanted to help.

So the fence is up and Mr. Toby has his field of grass, a territory to guard, and to call his own. I think he is going to love it. I know I'm going to. This morning I opened the door, let the little man out and then closed the door and finished getting ready for the day. How liberating it felt. I didn't have to stand outside pleading with Mr. Tobs to "GO POOH ALREADY!!"

It's a good life we live.
And how thankful I am for everyone and all that I have in it.


ANOB said...

Yeah for Tobs. That is awesome guys!! G did an awesome job on the fence. Im sure you were great moral support Stef:) How nice is that. Go Toby go!!!

Love you!!

nettifer said...

Yeah toby has a fence and now M can't escape too! That is quite impressive G funk!

Deb said...

The fence looks good. You are quite the handyman aren't you Gar! Way to go, it looks superb...love Toby he is the cutest!