VIVA Las Vegas

I wish that I can say that Gar and I are there on a fabulous vacation, but that is just not going to happen... Gar is actually headed to Vegas right now as I type, but it is for work. I am jealous though, the man will have free time and will have a blast and if he plays his cards right (no pun intended) he will win us millions and I will be able to leave the PB and he won't have to do the DStar... We'll see. Keep you fingers crossed!

He is going to a nerd convention, wait, I meant the huge photoshop convention there for his work. It's the biggest nerd/photoshop convention in the world, fun! There are about 5 of them going. What a blast! I did however manage to keep his debit card and check book here... So that is a good thing. He will be back Saturday! Can't wait.

I will take some more photos of the house probably tomorrow and post them... Until then..


nettifer said...

I guess I am a nerd! I would do anything to go with G! That is freaking awesome! We are having fight night this saturdayd if yo uwant to come and do you want to go see Halloween tonight? Call me!