24th at Jordanelle

Well we got together with some friends and went to Jordanelle on Sundayto finish off the 24th weekend.

We met at O.C.Tanner at 10:30 a.m. and carpooled up to the lake.

The players were myself, Stefanie, Seth Larsen, Arron Hales, Mike Hatch, Jason Baker, Zhen Wang, Eric and Juanita Atencio, and Edna and Toby!

Seth, Stef, and Edna checking the water.

Mr. Toby was just dying to get in the water..he LOVED the lake.

So I took him for a swim, he swims so good, he swam from shore all the way out to me and just sat on my lap on the floaty.

Mike Hatch enjoying a delicious liquid adult beverage.

This is how Seth and Stef spent most of the day..in the shade.
It was a good day, spent about 4 hours out there it felt like a thousand hours, I fished (I sucked), we swam, Toby played, and we were smart and put sunscreen on so we didn't even get burnt.
It was a happy 24th, Happy Birthday Utah!


JENNILLE said...

super fun!!! remember when we went boating in 2001- good times :)
i tried emailing you today...it bounced back.
i would love your email address. i had my baby girl 2 weeks ago!!

Deb said...

What a great time you guys had. Love that little Tob's he's just the cutest!

I had to work on one of my favorite holidays. Nobody in California understood my dismay...
UTAH we Loooove thee!