A break? Who needs a break!

So Garrick and I both have said a break from theater, and I guess it was opposite day when we said that. We both jut finished our summer shows, I did Pirate of Penzance, and it was a blast. Garrick did Pump Boys and Dinettes and was sooo good in that.

Then I got suckered into doing Christmas Carol again at Hale Centre Theatre. I'm excited it will be fun. This will be my 5th time doing this show. My only time doing it without Garrick, but I'm excited. We started rehearsals Saturday and it will be a good fun, run. 

The crazy thing is... ok, get ready for a longish story... I had a best friend in 5th grade when we lived here for a year between Japan and Germany, her name is Kim Allen. So we were BFF's and then I moved or as she puts it, abandoned her... We ended up losing touch - fast forward to 2 years ago, like 19 years since I've seen or heard from Kim and facebook was invented and we find each other. We see that we have lived parelle lives and both have done theater locally and have like a million friend in common, but have NEVER ran into each other.
So finally 3 weeks ago, so come to see Pirates and finally see each other after 21 years. Crazy and so much fun. ok, fast forward to a week ago and we both end up getting cast in Christmas Carol. So my best friend from 5th grade and I after 21 year will get to hang out again. HOW MUCH FUN! So that will make this run a good time!

This is a pic of Christmas Carol when Garrick was Christmas Present, the best one they ever had!!!

OK, so now on to Garricks break from theatre.... he has ALWAYS wanted to play the Jack Nicholson part in "One Flew Over the Cookoo's Nest" but really, not theater will ever do that, its just a little to much for Utah audiences I guess. WAIT, what is this Garrick hears, a theater IS going to do and they can't find an actor good enough to play that part... Well, Garrick went and read for the director and was hired on the spot!

He's in rehearsal for that show and it will run for a couple of weekends in November in a great little theater in Midvale. So needless to say, we are both very busy! But that is what we love and we both have a good time doing it.

Garricks getting some great freelance art jobs that will keep him busy in the time he's not rehearsing. Toby is good, poor guys is to much like me and has a hurt little knee and is limping around and it just SO sad. So were giving him joint supplements to strengthen his little doggie knees and hopefully he will get better.

We go to Vegas this week for our Annual Friends Vegas trip, we are both EXCITED to get away for a bit. I will try to remember to take pictures... Gar surprised me with a trip to Cedar City for our anniversary to see some of the Shakespeare fest shows and we didn't bring the camera. LAME! So, I will try and get some good photos and then be better at posting what is going on in our lives..


Megan said...

You know, I don't know why you guys think you will get away from theater...it's in your blood! :)

Nickie said...

Awesome, you guys are just awesome.
I really want to come and see you in a show.
And of course your hubby got the part. You guys are so talented, you're like the Brangelina of Salt Lake, except without the day care.
Love you

Joey and Nettifer said...

how cool that you are doing the show again! Love it and how cool with your 5th graid BFF!
I am jealous you got to go to Cedar City for the plays. I love that place!
I want to see G's show! Let me know when it starts!
:Love you!

Kim said...

I just barely read this blog entry! AW!!!! I for one am VERY glad that you didn't end up taking a break. It would have been ANOTHER 20 years before we actually got to hang out!!! You make everything so much more fun. MWAH. See you soon, you stupid beeyitch.

Anonymous said...

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