take me out to the ballgame...

Well, as smart as I am, I forgot to take the camera to the ballgame. But, Garr's team won!!! Well actually, the other team didn't show up. So Garr's team is 1-0!! GO TEAM. So they just practiced for the our they had on the field. I love watching Garr play. You can tell he has so much fun out there. AND he is really good. I'm not just saying that cause I'm his beautiful wife, but he really is. His team is great too! (I actually am getting a little bug to play.) So every Monday (times TBA) me and Toby will be at his game. Come, sit with us and watch some softball!!

I love spring! It is so nice to have daylight in the evening. To see so many people out biking, running, playing. Toby is loving it and I have major spring fever!

Garr's mom just started a blog... I think it might be contagious. I have added her to my sidebar, under Mom. She is such an amazing person and a wonderful writer. I'm so excited to read what is going on in her mind and life. You should listen to her and Garr talk. I just LOVE it! They are both so smart and talk about all sorts of different topics. Mostly about religion, which i love listening to.... Miss you Deb!!



Deb said...

You guys have such a fun & kewl life. How does it feel to be so smart, witty, beautiful, talented, wonderful...oh!! I know cuz I are one too hehe!!! Yea for good weather, good friends and good times. Have fun at the ball games.
Love you guys

The KTBs said...

We are all over those ball games. Need to get some energy out of these kids. That's great G's momis bloggig. It is contagious! We like Debbie!

Love you

nettifer said...

Way to go on the camera! Duh, j/k (how long has it been since you said that :) )
I will totally come watch the game! Glad you had a good time and perfect weather!