Run Forest Run

So, Garr told me yesterday that blogs are better when you have pictures, and I agree. I would always nag Nettie to post more pix on her blog. Well, I promise I will do better! I will take more pix and post them... BUT until i do, your just getting words... (Worms Roxanne, I was afraid of Worms. My sisters will get that movie quote...)

Garr and I are getting into working out. We bought a membership to Golds Gym at the beginning of the year. We love going. I actually work out when I have a membership. I don't workout at home or run outside, I don't' like doing it. It's a weird mental thing. But actually going to the gym, I feel like I'm accomplishing something and I am seeing the results. Finally!!

When I first started, running a mile killed me. It would take all my energy to finish that one mile. Then afterward I would be spent. Well, now I have SLOWLY, but surely, (don't call me Surely, movie?...) worked my way up to 3 miles! I can do it in about 33 minutes and I am not spent after. I actually feel GREAT after!!! Garr has always been able to run long distances, So I can't compare myself to him, plus, he has some LONG legs so he can run faster than me. :)

My reason for telling you this is Garr and I signed up for the Race for the Cure 5K Run in May. I am so excited to do this. This is my first time doing something like this. His work got a team together so I will run with them. We are doing it timed. I hope to do it in 30 minutes. That's a 10 minute mile. Not too shabby!


The KTBs said...

That is so Roxanne and Naked Gun....not sure which one though. Love those....so funny, probably only to you, me and NAt.
You go with the Gym and running thing. I love running. I have come to look forward to it every day. There are some half marathons in the fall. i know there is one in St. George. I might do that one and maybe even 2 if I have the time. That is awesome you are running the 5k. Let me know when it is. I will be there to sheer you on. Speaking of running....need to go run a quick 5 on the tred.

love ya

nettifer said...

Ok I dont' know the first movie quote, but the second one is "airplane" that movie is funny!
I think it is so cool that you are running! You kick some butt! I am totally with you on the whole gym thing. I love love love going. I didn't go last night and I am just dragging right now. I can't wait to work out tonight! I am ready to get thin! Jealous you are running. I have always wanted too. Maybe next time I will do it with you.

g-cubed said...


love you... run forrest run!!!

Deb said...

You guys are so dedicated and focused. Way to go! You both look so terrific in the Hawaii pic's. No need for that ginormous moomoo now huh Stef!! Love you guys a million.