Sixteen Candles

Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen, Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen!!!
Bubba turned 16 on Monday. Can you believe it? Garr is still in shock. It has been quite the couple of weeks for Bubba... First Hawaii, then spring break, then her braces came off. Here is a before and after pix of Bubba.

She is too cute. And we just have so much fun with her. Can't wait for her to come up here this summer!


The KTBs said...

Happy Birthday to Aurora!!! Ah.....to be 16 again. Congrats on the braces too! Her teeth look great! Only 7 more years to go and I will have a 16 year old. Yikes!!!!


nettifer said...

Happy birthday bubba! Where has the time gone? I remember her being like 7 or 8 when I first met her! Hope her birthday isn't that crazy, yet fun!

J.D. said...

she looks so happy o have those barces off. SO excited for her