Softball and Birthdays

Monday night was softball night. It was a late game and pretty cold... But I braved the chilly night and went and cheered #28 on! Angela was great and came to support as well. Last week was the first game and they won it by a landslide (HAHAHA). This game was a little tougher, the other team actually showed up. Garr's team hand to pull out the big guns and actually play. This is Garr getting ready to bat.
Garr's first hit of the game he had a great hit and 3 teammates got to run home and Garr managed to make it home to... that's 3 RBI's for Garr!! The game was neck n' neck and in the end they didn't take home the win. So they are 1-1... not too bad. This is Garr waiting to run to 3rd. I love softball! Just means Spring is finally here!!
Yesterday was E's 9th B-day. If you look at A&K's blog, you can see other pix as well. Ang had a HUGE surprise for the birthday girl. To fill you in, E is obsessed with "Wicked" and We (Nettie, Nat, Beck, Me, Ang, and E) are doing a road trip to Denver to see the musical and E is coming along. She had NO idea. If you know me and my sister, we can't keep a secret (well me, nat, and Ang can't) So it has been a long 4 months keeping it from E. So Ang had a "Wicked" theme party. Green, black, and white balloons... the whole nine. So to make a long story short, too late, (movie sisters...) Ang gave her the tickets!! Her reaction was priceless. Ang, Beck and I got a little teary eyed. It was great. What a great gift!!
At the softball game Ang and I made a chain for E to count down the days until the "Wicked Road trip". That was one of the gifts.
Over all, it was a great birthday for the girl! She was overwhelmed with joy!



nettifer said...

Way to tough it out at the cold game. I want to come next monday. What time is the game and where is it?
So sad I missed the party! Glad you got it on camera!

g-cubed said...

are you freaking going to be in NYC soon??? when are you coming... call me and we'll talk details, but i am going to drive down or something... anything to see you!!!

The KTBs said...

it was fun hanging out with you at the game. Can't wait to bring the kids. Thanks for your support at E b-day party. We talk about seeing Wicked all the time now. 37 more days!!!! YAHOO!!!!!!!

The Dean's said...

g-cubed, we are seeing it in denver... I wish it was NYC. I miss you!

J.D. said...

where is the wicked road trip destination?

Deb said...

Garr- you're lookin' pretty dang good these days. Glad you're playing ball again this year. I heard Geo. Lucas say that he is creating an animated prime time TV show about "War of the Clones". It's going to be a serious animation and I thought he said this fall. Maybe summer. Have you heard about it yet? He was awesome on Conan O'Brien Tuesday night out of San Francisco. Conan toured Lucas' studio in the Bay area and got to play with all sorts of fantastic stuff there. You would have been in heaven!