The 5K

Well we did it. We ran the race and finished. Gar was nice and stayed with me the whole time. Total there were 16,000 people there to run/walk the race. I couldn't even believe it. The Gateway was packed. We were on the stairs of the Energy Solutions Arena waiting for the time to start and took a few pix of all the thousands of people.
It was quite the experience with all those people there. Those that survived breast cancer wore pink t-shirts. It was crazy to see how many there were. I felt really great to help the cause to find a cure.
This is me and Gar before the race.
Now, let me just preface that running on a treadmill is A LOT different/easier than running on the road out in the elements. It was a tough run. I'm not the best runner in the world and 3 miles is a long way. I really don't know how people do more than that. I think I will stick to the 5k's.

I wanted to do it in 33 minutes or better, but since it did kick my butt a little more than I thought, I did it in 36 minutes. Gar did it in 35. He stayed with me keeping me going and being a great help. I tend to become a little bitchy when the workout starts to kick my ass, and he is great, he just stays by my side. Gotta love him. Then right towards the end, he ran to the finish line so he could take a pix of me running across it. What a man!!!
Well, it was a good experience and I would do it again... But I will just stick to the 5k's and leave the longer races to the crazy people!


The KTBs said...

I think thats awesome you 2 did that, and in 36 minutes on your first race!!!!!! Way to go!You look great crossing that finish line. So nice to be done.

Love ya

Anonymous said...

Way to go!! I am super proud of ya!

nettifer said...

Way to go! I am so proud of you. I am with you on the whole running thing. I started my diet today. wish me luck!

Deb said...

To me that is phenomenal that you ran that in 36 mins. Excellent Stef! You and Garr are so the bomb. You guys are always up to super cool stuff. I admire your stamina and vitality. And...I love your spirit the most! You guys make me so happy!
Love you!