The Office

I'm addicted... That's all I have to say. Gar and I got into this show at the end of season 2 and were hooked. Gar started to watch season 1 and he LOVED it. So we borrowed both seasons from a friend and finished them in about a week. This has got to be one of the best comedies. Thank the good lord for DVR. Sometimes Gar and I have to pause the show cause we are laughing so hard. We are HOOKED!!! The 3rd season has not let us down.
We just got done watching the season finale and WOW. I'm sooo happy! It could not have ended better!!!!! I SO HEART JIM AND PAM!!! Boy an I a sucker for happy endings and tonight's show... Lets just say it's about time. All season long Jim and Pam have been killing me. And at tonight's finale, oh so sweet! I cried.

(Oh and at the very end with "Temp" and Kelly, I died laughing!!!)
Jim may now be my ONE. Forget Brad or Matthew (Pitt and Mcconaughey for those of you who don't know who I'm talking about). They have been my boyfriends for quiet some time now, but I really think that Jim is rapidly moving into first position! I love him!
Until next season Jim... I love you...


Anonymous said...

You are too much!! Have you seen the preview to his new movie with Mandy Moore? Looks kind of funny.

The KTBs said...

I have to agree. Loved it last night!!! I heart JIm and Pam too! I did shed a tear last night. It was so sweet! Can't wait till next season!


nettifer said...

I am so with you on that show. You have got to get a shirt like me. I watched the season finale last night and I cried! I love jim!!!!! So good and I love how the temp got the pormotion! I thought that was the funniest ending. i can't believe that Karen called Pam a Bitch! I don't like karen!