This boy is crazy. He is like a little kid. With his own personality, his own little mind. He is just SO damn cute, I can't stand it!!!

The other night we were hanging out at the apartment and we looked over and Toby is just as comfortable as can be... all spread eagle up on the couch pillow totally zonked. We died laughing and Gar grabbed the camera and took some quick shots. Thought I'd share... Enjoy.


nettifer said...

We love little Toby, I can't believe how cute and gray he is getting.

Anonymous said...

Seriously.. I can't stop LOL!! These along with the Darty Toby pix are my fav!!!!

The KTBs said...

We love Toby!!! My kids ask about him all the time. Next time you come over, you need to bring him. ES saw the pics of Toby and is all.....awwwww.....hes so cute!!!

Love ya

MJ said...

Stef, I finally took some time to catch up on my blog reading and I love reading about you guys. It makes me so happy:) Toby is adorable, to bad my kids will never have a dog or any kind of pet for that matter. I borrowed the first season of The Office from my friend too and I still haven't watched it yet, gotta get on that. You are freaking awesome for doing that race and what a hubby you have. You guys are too cute!