The Amazing Spiderman

Last Thursday at the stroke of MIDNIGHT we were at the FIRST showing of Spiderman 3. Those midnight shows are something else. I wish I would have brought my camera. There was a full grown man in full Spiderman costume. I was dying. When he walked in, everyone cheered. NERD ALERT!!!!! But the funniest thing was, they showed a bunch of nerd movie previews and there were cheers after all of them. But after the Harry Potter one, some guy yelled out, "LAME"! We died laughing. He took the words right out of my mouth!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!
Spiderman 3 was good. Not my favorite. The first one is my fav. But over all it was entertaining. Toby M is an ugly cryer... And I'm not a fan of what's her name... The one that plays MJ... But, good ending to the trilogy.

I was going through some pictures and found some cute ones of the nieces and nephews. So I thought I'd share. These were all at Eve's "Wicked" birthday party. Adam looks really happy...
Beck said that Benjamin had to wear his boots. TOO CUTE. Rio had her pink boots on too. I love those two kids...All I said to get this pic is, "Rio, look over here". And this is what I got... LOVE HER!
She is sitting on my lap and I told her to smile, this is what i got...


nettifer said...

That is what J thought of the movie too. It was alright 1st was the best. I love midnight openings. I just hate the next morning :)
Cute stinking kids!

The KTBs said...

Seems like we don't have time to see stuff any more. We will get around to seeing it though. Those pix pf the kids are great! How can you not love Rio! She is a crazy one though. Thanks for loving and being so fun with our kids. They you you and G A LOT!!!!!!


Deb said...

Rio has the "Omer girls" look for sure. She is adorable! It amazes me how many comic book themes are movies. I just saw that commercial with the Silver-surfer last night (Fantastic Four?). Gen_X fascination with comics and super heroes has come alive on the screen. Very clever production and creativity in developing the story boards, I bet Garr would love to do that! It's no wonder Spiderman and the like are grossing $148 million. It's got to be a trip for the aficionado!