Gar likes to listen to comedy. There are a hand full of comedians that we love and look for their new comedy albums. Well Brian Regan is a usual for us and he his HIL-A-RI-OUS.
He is on tour this summer and one of his stops was here in SLC. So for Gar's birthday, I got us tickets. We went last Saturday night and it was a blast.

Gar and I have both been to comedy clubs, but not a full-on comedy concert. What fun. It was at Thanksgiving point. Kind of a weird venue, but it was nice. It was an outside stage and you brought a blanket and kicked it on grass.

So we got there about an hour early and it was already packed. We were trying to find a good piece of grass when we realized that we were walking right behind this man....

FUNNY!!! All of the Osmond family was there. I though it was SO funny and wanted to share.

Anyway, Brian Regan... It was a great comedy concert. Gar and I laughed so much and so hard. If you don't know Mr. Regan, I highly recommend looking him up and listening to him! He was on stage for an hour and 20 minutes straight. What a good time, at one point, he lost track of his joke... We were dying. They guy that opened for him was very funny as well. It was just a good time. I really dug the comedy concerts. I may have to go to more!!!


Ute Family said...

You have no idea who I am, but I had to comment on your post. I'm a friend of Lynette's and I saw your name on her list. Hope you don't mind...sorry.
Anyway, we went to the Regan show as well and I agree, it was hilarious. My husband and I have followed his career for years. When he kept talking about the dr and how he looked up at him, then down at him...classic!!! Sorry for the intrusion, I just had to comment.

nettifer said...

So that was comedian you were trying to tell me about. I had another friend go to that and loved it. I am going to have to look him up.

You see the Osmonds where ever you go.