A little sneaky peak...

OK, Nat has been crying for me to put some pix of the house up. So, here you go :)

This is the outside, (no doi)! The first thing we did was to take down the sweet Christmas lights that came with the house. And by we, I mean Gar. It looks SO much better. This is the front from the street. We are working on the grass to bring the dead spots back to life, slowly but surely it will happen. Gar has the green thumb, not me.
Gar has been working his booty off on the yard and it look SOOOO good. The back yard was literally a jungle... I'm not even exaggerating. This pic is the south west corner. Not to shabs...
This is the north side. When we moved in, the weeds were halfway up the fence. You couldn't even see the sprinklers. So, to say the least (the very least), Gar has gone to town on the weeds and making the yard look lived in. There are some summer lily plants that will hopefully grown next year. We LOVE our cloths lines. They give the back yard so much character.
We go the front room/formal dining room mostly put together. There are a couple of thing that I want to purchase, but other that that, it's is about done. This view is from the front door. We go the mantel from Becks house and cleaned it and put it in and it looks amazing in there with the wood floors. I'm so happy!
This view is from the hallway. Pretty sweet liquor cabinet huh. I am looking for the perfect wine rack... Think i found it at the PB, but will have to save some money... And in that corner, I have my eye on a beautiful floor lamp. I think I still need to talk Gar into it, but hopefully, he will LOVE the lamp like I do and we can get it... We shall see.
Here is a close up of the mantle. Isn't it SO beautiful. It looks just perfect in this room. It really matches the floors perfectly. I am going to get these awesome candles at PB and put them where the fire would normally go. They are these huge candles. I think that will looks so great.
This is the little sitting area by the front door. Pretty cute. I love the huge clock.
So there you have it. The front/formal dining room. Gar and I are really happy with how it turned out. One day, I will repaint all the floor boards. They are a mess from refinishing the floors. But, that will probably be a winter project.

It is really fun having a house. People aren't kidding when they say that they always have projects. They seem to never end. But it is FUN and I love doing all the projects with Gar. I love him.


nettifer said...

I love your home! Way to go on decorating. You are so amazing at it and I should know since you picked evey paint color in my house for me! Can't wait for tonight!

Anonymous said...

WHAT?!?!?! That's it.. are you even kidding me?!?! J/K Thanks for the sneak peak! The room looks fabu! You ( I mean Gar ) have done a fantastic job! ha ha Can't wait to see the rest and hopefully soon in person!!! If you guys have a Cost Plus World Market you should check it out.. great wine racks!!!