Good times...

Aurora was here and we had a blast. It is always so great when she is here. No worries. This time she was up for 3 weeks. It was the busiest 3 week for me and Gar so we weren't able to do anything big... But we did go on the Alpine Slide and Coaster. SMF!! They have this new ride called the Alpine Coaster. That was great. Well worth the money.
It had been forever since we had been there. The slide was a great warm up. I didn't remember how long they are. Gar's SO damn cute!!!
This was Auroras first time and she had a blast. Her and Gar raced and then Gar got stuck behind and lady that was SO freaking slow. I even caught up with him... The lady said "I must be too big for these"... HAHAHAHAHA Funny!!!
This is the coaster in the pix below. Aurora is just finishing. You have your own little own cart and it pulls you up and then you hurl down the track. It was a blast. You can control your speed like the slide, but you cruise so much faster. We had a blast. I highly recommend the coaster.
Aurora is back at home now and we miss her. Hopefully, she will be back up for T-Day.

Nat keeps crying for me to put pix of the house up, not everything is put together, but I put some up this weekend so she will stop crying. LOVE YOU Nat!!


nettifer said...

Aurora is so beautiful! Glad I got to see her, even if it was just once :)

Anonymous said...

Dude..how the heck else are we supposed to be part of what goes on over there!?!??!?! Throw us a feakin bone here!
ha ha