Christmas is coming...

Daunting a little, isn't it, to think how true that statement really is. Summer is officially over. Today it's snowing... October starts tomorrow... The days are shorter. (Wow, Debbie Downer, huh!)

But, alas, there are many fun things about fall. Let me name just a few...

A) Fall Fashion. I love me a cozy sweater and scarf!
2) The holiday season is coming and that means, we get off work!!
D) Garrick and I are going to do Christmas Carol again at the Hale!!!
Christmas Carol 2006
I was not going to do it again. I was just going to keep working at the PB. I keep claiming I am retired... but, come on. Who am I kidding. I love it and had to do it again. Gar was asked to come back to do Christmas Present again (yes, he's just that good folks!)

So I went to call backs, sang a tune, and called called to be in the show. (That's the short version of the story). I am SO excited. It should be a good time. We start rehearsals a week from today and we open the first week in December! I will still work at the PB on the weekends, the cash is too good to let go of!


Deb said...

Conratulations on getting into the show, your voice and personality add so much. I just loved seeing you both perform when we were in SLC, one of the many things I miss out on now. But I love you and know you will both be superb. Love the picture, glad you posted it! Love Mom

Anonymous said...

Hey Stef,

Found your blog through Lynette's .
You and Garrick are adorable.
Take care sweetie