When we bought out house last year, we didn't have all the necessities for maintaining our new house... We needed a lawn mower, when we moved in last June, the yard was a JUNGLE. So, the amazing friends and family that we came to our rescue and Lynette's parents, Steve and BonBon, had just bought a new mower and were so great to give us their old one. See below pic... It was on its last leg when we got it, but none the less, it was free (free being key word here) and in working order. So we jumped on that and had a lawn mower.

It lasted us all last summer and the first month of this summer and then we decided to put it to bed and purchase a new one. THANKS YOU Steve and BonBon for being SO kind and giving us new homeowners a much needed helping hand. It was great to not have to worry about spending $$ on one last year.

So a couple of weeks ago we went to Lowe's and bought us a new, shiny, RED, lawn mower... It was so much fun to get it out of the box and to watch Gar put it together. It was so shiny and pretty, I really couldn't believe how excited i was to get a new lawn mower...There she is... new and shiny and RED! I mow the lawn and Gar does everything else. I love mowing it now with our self propelled mower. It is hardly any work at all now!

Our next project for the yard we decided was to put in a fire pit. We went to a friends house a while back and they had one, it was fun to sit around and chat it up and have some drinks around the fire without the hassle of camping. So we thought we would put one in our yard. We had the perfect spot in the backyard to put it. So here is the before pic...

Gar had to pull all the weeds and bushes that were there and then he leveled it. Then we got started on putting it together. It was nice because with the changes we had made in the front yard with the new planter and walk way, we had some leftover brick and spacers that we used for the pit.
Here is the finish product! Isn't it so great! We have put our camping chairs out there and it is so great to sit out and chat. Gar is so good at this kinda crap. I love the red rock and white rock, makes it look so good!

The pic below is just a pic of the backyard while we were putting in the fire pit. Gar has done such an amazing job of making it look so nice and getting the grass so green. Now all we need is a hammock and a BBQ and were set!


Anonymous said...

That fire pit looks so awesome, and so does the yard. I want to be in Utah, around a fire pit!

Natalie said...

Dude! That looks awesome! I can't wait to sit around it and talk about the days of yor

ANOB said...

hey....alright. looks great! Cant wait to come over and test it out. I'll bring my friends and they can suck your wake....hahaha!!!

Tiff said...

Your husband is fabulous! Your yard is awesome. He has done a great job. I loved seeing you monday.

Joey & nettifer said...

your yard looks so good. when are we going to fire pit!~

glad the mower lasted as long as it did - way to pass it forward too!

Missed you sooo bad last night!

Cris n Nick said...

You guys are getting all pro with this yard stuff, it looks so good. I would be afraid to do a fire pit in our yard, London would probably jump into it. I swear that girl's gonna be a stunt woman.
I loved seeing you the other night, and I miss you already!
Love you!

Deb said...

Wow that fire pit is cool! There will be some good times there that's for sure! Your yard looks so pretty and green you guys are fixing it up so nice. It probably hasn't had that much tender loving care in decades, it probably appreciates it! Nice mower too...that's a nice feature self propelled makes it easier.

Love ya

zippa said...

I remember our first year in our house we were shocked at all the crap we didn't have. I love mowing the lawn too, very relaxing. You guys are such go getters. Your fire pit and yard are amazing. Your lawn is so freaking green, tell me what does he do????? It was so great to see you the other week, you look so fabulous. LOL